The API Solution

API Global structures and implements a streamlined route to market and access to the best-in-class distribution channels, predominantly through existing relationships in the finance sector.
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The API Solution

We provide an end-to-end solution for both developer clients and distribution partners with end investors looking to build a property portfolio.

Our sophisticated platform allows developers to achieve maximum market penetration, with a controlled level of exposure, while securing the best value for the asset. API’s infrastructure allows developers to leverage a vast, yet diversified network of Wealth Managers and IFA partners.

Our end-to-end solution guides clients through the purchase process, from selecting the right investment, through the legal and mortgage stage, to completion of the investment and ongoing management of the asset. We provide a truly hands-off investment.

First and foremost, API Global is a research business. We utilise specific analytical tools to methodically track the market and identify best-in-class investment opportunities for our partners. By identifying early market indicators such as infrastructure projects, corporate behaviour, and Government spend, we can be sure to capitalise on upward trends, and subsequently increase a client’s potential return on investment.

Our strategically located global offices provide regional support for our multinational wealth manager clients. API Account Managers offer on the ground support through product knowledge, sales advice and webinars / seminars. They are on hand to help clients select the right investment to suit their needs and requirements. As a business, we take a hands-on and proactive approach to supporting our distribution channels and clients.

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Our Research Led Approach

First and foremost API Global is a research company. Led by key performance indicators, we meticulously scour the market to identify the best locations in which to invest.

Our London based team of professionals project positive upwards trends in key market dynamics to establish the best-in-class properties for our global client base. The goal is to achieve a blend of yield and capital growth. The below infographic identifies some of the influencing factors considered.

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Securing theAsset

When securing the asset, API Global can adopt any one of four deal structures that exist in the market today – master-agency / distribution, overarch, underwrite, and joint ventures. Each comes with its own margin, risk profile and commitment requirement. Since 2013, API Global has completed all types of transactions, both in-house, and on behalf of our offshore institutional clients.

The below infographic depicts the four main structures API Global will consider when securing a deal.

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Routes to Market

API Global manages distribution differently from our competition. We implement a refined and well-planned strategy to achieve maximum market penetration while limiting online exposure. Controlling the digital footprint of a campaign will positively impact the potential for investors to secure better funding on the completion of the development.

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management network is the strongest route to market for API Global. We offer a bespoke end-to-end solution for any Wealth Management company wanting to introduce property as an asset class. Our existing partners cover over 100 territories worldwide and cater to over 200,000 investors clients

Family Offices

Our network of Family Offices is vast and is growing every day. Deals are not as frequent but account for larger lot sizes than that of regular Wealth Managers. API Global have completed block deals on behalf of Family Offices located in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and China.

Agent Network

API has built a multi-layered distribution platform of Property Agents over many years of operation. The network spans 6 continents and can be activated or deactivated as required on a case-by-case basis. Historically the easiest and most public route to market. A high level of discretion is required to avoid cross-selling and misrepresentation.

Investor Clubs

Investors Clubs operate in a similar way to Wealth Management Companies. API work with several UK and Foreign investor clubs that offer our products to their pool of seasoned investors. Again, a quiet but effective route to market. Our best performing clubs include territories such as the UK, Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Kuwait and South Africa.

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We work with a pool of trusted partners; Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors, and Agents giving their clients access to best-in-class residential property investment.

We are always on the lookout to add to our network, if you would like to work with us, please get in touch.

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