Why You Should Consider Kent Property Investment in 2024

It’s everything you want from an urban area yet provides the very best of town and country.

Why You Should Invest In The Kent (Ashford) Property Market

As investment advisors with decades of experience locating lucrative opportunities across the UK, we frequently analyse up-and-coming areas primed for growth. One location we’ve identified as poised to outperform in the coming years is Kent, specifically the town of Ashford.

While historically considered a quiet market town, Ashford is transforming into a significant transportation and economic hub. With massive infrastructure, education, and business investments, Ashford and the surrounding county of Kent are attracting interest from investors seeking stable returns and significant capital appreciation potential. For those looking to get ahead of the curve, now is the time to consider Kent property investment.




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Investing in Kent(Ashford)

Investing in Kent presents a promising opportunity for property investors, with numerous factors contributing to its appeal. The region has been experiencing positive growth and offers a range of advantages for potential investors.

Kent boasts a strategic location, situated just a short distance from London. This proximity to the capital city provides excellent connectivity and access to many opportunities. With efficient transportation links, including high-speed rail services, Kent offers convenient connectivity for residents and businesses.

Kent is known for its beautiful countryside, picturesque coastal towns, and historic landmarks. These factors contribute to the region’s attractiveness, drawing in tourists and creating a demand for holiday homes and rental properties. With its diverse landscapes and charming attractions, investing in Kent can provide opportunities for both short-term and long-term returns.

Kent also has a thriving business environment with various industries and sectors. The region has a strong presence in the manufacturing, logistics, technology, and services sectors. This diverse economy creates a stable foundation for property investment, with the potential for future growth and demand for commercial spaces.

Lastly, Kent is experiencing ongoing development and regeneration initiatives. Projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure, public spaces, and amenities are underway, further improving the quality of life for residents and attracting new businesses to the area. These developments contribute to the long-term value and desirability of properties in Kent.

Forecast for Growth

The overall economic forecast for the UK can provide some insights into the potential growth in Kent. According to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Economic Forecast, the economy is projected to experience some challenges. Still, there’s an expectation of stronger average earnings growth in the coming years. This positive outlook for earnings growth can potentially contribute to increased purchasing power and economic activity in Kent.

  • Excellent Transport Links: Currently, Kent is only 24 minutes from London. This minimal travel time makes Ashford increasingly attractive to London commuters seeking lower housing costs, driving up property values.
  • Government Backing: Ashford benefits from government funding to support housing and infrastructure development. This significant investment in new homes, community facilities and transportation will significantly boost Ashford’s appeal and economic potential.
  • Lower Cost of Living: Ashford offers an affordable cost of living and lower house prices than comparable towns in the Southeast. For investors, this means strong rental demand and yields an opportunity for price growth as the town’s popularity increases.

A Window of Opportunity

Kent displays many attributes that make it ideal for investment, including fast-improving infrastructure, proximity to London, the largest economic centre in East Kent, high rental demand, potential for solid returns, and room for substantial house price growth.

Kent offers international investors a chance to get into an up-and-coming area before prices rise substantially. House prices in Kent have steadily increased over the past decade but remain lower than in other parts of the South East, indicating room for significant growth. For investors willing to play the long-term game, buying property in Kent is an excellent opportunity to achieve significant gains over the next 5–10 years.

Rental demand in Kent is high, driven by its position within London’s commuter belt. The county has experienced a jobs boom, with major employers like Pfizer, BAE Systems and Discovery Channel establishing bases there. Improved rail links have made the county even more accessible, with journey times to London under an hour from many parts of Kent.

Kent appears primed to outperform other areas of the UK for years to come. For investors seeking capital growth, the window of opportunity is open. Contact your advisor for more details.


With the arrival of Ashford International Train Station, the town has blossomed into a lively commercial centre. With investment and expansion planned for the station and surrounding areas, Ashford is building on its bustling continental atmosphere and is expected to double in size over the next 25 years.

Kent’s Thriving Economy and Infrastructure

Kent, specifically the town of Ashford, is primed for capital growth due to its thriving economy and improving infrastructure.

The following trends and factors constantly drive growth in the town and surrounding county:

  1. Ashford is a hub for business and employment in the South East. Significant companies like Conde Nast, Eurostar, and Southeastern Railway have headquarters in Ashford, providing over 9,000 jobs. 
  2. Kent’s business park has continued to expand, attracting more large companies and high-quality jobs. With additional business comes further investment in amenities, housing, and transportation.
  3. Ashford’s location and transport connections make it an appealing place to live and work. It’s less than an hour from London by high-speed rail and is close to the M20 motorway, Channel Tunnel, and Port of Dover. The Ashford International Train Station underwent redevelopment costing several millions of pounds, vastly improving rail links across Kent and to London.
  4. Ashford’s improving infrastructure and job opportunities point to solid capital growth potential, especially in the long term. For investors, Ashford provides an affordable alternative to pricier areas like London with the chance to benefit as it becomes an increasingly attractive commuter town.
  5. Kent has ongoing development initiatives that can contribute to its growth. The Growth Plan 2022, published by the UK government, outlines strategies and goals for economic development across the country. Specific projects and investments in infrastructure, transportation, and business solutions can support the growth potential of Kent.

With significant investments in business and infrastructure underway, Ashford will indeed grow. For investors looking to purchase buy-to-let properties in Kent for capital appreciation over time, Ashford represents an opportunity to invest in an up-and-coming area before prices rise significantly. As experts in the UK property market, we highly recommend Ashford as a town to watch — contact your advisor today for more details.

Why Invest in Kent (Ashford) Property?

Investing in Kent offers several compelling reasons for property investors. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Ashford is located in Kent, known as the “Garden of England,” and benefits from its proximity to London. The town enjoys excellent transportation links, with high-speed rail services connecting Ashford International to London in less than an hour. This connectivity provides convenience for residents and attracts businesses and commuters, making Ashford an attractive location for property investment.


  • Ashford has experienced significant regeneration and development initiatives in recent years. The town has undergone extensive transformation, including expanding the Ashford Designer Outlet, constructing new residential and commercial spaces, and developing international business parks. These ongoing projects enhance the attractiveness of Ashford by improving infrastructure, amenities, and overall quality of life.


  • Ashford has a strong and diverse economy, offering opportunities for sustainable growth. The town has various industries, including logistics, manufacturing, technology, and services. A growing economy can increase demand for properties, presenting investment potential.


  • Property prices in Kent (Ashford) tend to be more affordable than in nearby London and other parts of the UK. This affordability allows investors to enter the market at a relatively lower cost while benefiting from the region’s growth potential. It can be particularly appealing for first-time buyers, young professionals, and families looking for more affordable housing options outside the capital.


  • Ashford offers a high quality of life with urban and rural amenities. The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside, including the Kent Downs, offering opportunities for outdoor activities and a scenic environment. Ashford also boasts a range of cultural and leisure attractions, including shopping centres, restaurants, parks, and historical landmarks.

Housing in Ashford remains affordable compared to much of the South East, with the average house price around £370,000. At the same time, Ashford offers all the amenities of a thriving market town, including shopping centres, recreational facilities, and highly-rated schools.

Property Price Growth in Kent’s Key Areas

Key areas within the county of Kent are poised to experience solid capital growth over the coming years.

Here are some choice areas to consider buying properties in Kent:


Ashford is one of the fastest-growing towns in Kent, with primary transport links, including the high-speed rail line to London St Pancras in about half an hour. New housing developments—like Victoria Point—and commercial projects are driving demand, with average property prices increasing by about 80% in the last decade.


Maidstone is the county town of Kent and a leading business hub, with a robust local economy based around retail, healthcare and education. Located in the heart of the “Garden of England,” the picturesque countryside attracts both residents and visitors. House prices have risen by about 100% in the past two decades, and we expect further growth due to limited supply and increasing demand.


The affluent commuter town of Sevenoaks offers an excellent quality of life within easy reach of London. Strong transport links, top schools, and proximity to picturesque countryside and villages continue to draw high-earning professionals. Property values have significantly outperformed national averages over the long term, rising by over 70% in the past 20 years. Sevenoaks presents an opportunity for investors to benefit from sustained high demand and limited housing stock.


Other areas demonstrating strong fundamentals for price growth include Tunbridge Wells, with its highly skilled workforce, and Whitstable, an increasingly popular coastal town undergoing regeneration.

While buying property in Kent is more affordable than in London, investors can still achieve solid rental yields. New-build apartments and family homes are always in high demand for buy-to-let investors seeking capital appreciation and rental income. Areas like Ashford, Sevenoaks and Royal Tunbridge Wells promise good returns investors can capitalise on.

Best Property Type for Investment in Kent (Ashford)

As investment advisors, the best property type for investment in Kent is residential real estate, specifically apartments. Kent’s proximity to London and its status as a commuter town positions it well for capital growth over the long term.

Residential Apartments

Ashford has seen a rise in demand for modern, well-designed residential apartments. These properties can appeal to young professionals, couples, and even downsizers looking for low-maintenance living. Investing in new-build apartments offers proximity to transportation links, amenities, and employment hubs that make apartments attractive to tenants, ensuring a steady rental income.

Family Homes

Ashford offers a range of family-friendly neighbourhoods and developments, making family homes popular for buyers and tenants. Properties with multiple bedrooms, gardens, and reasonable access to schools and amenities are in high demand. As Ashford continues to grow and attract families, investing in spacious houses or townhouses can provide long-term rental and capital appreciation potential.

Student Accommodation

Ashford is home to several educational institutions, including Ashford College and the University of Kent’s European Centre for the Study of Migration and Social Care. Investing in student accommodation, such as purpose-built student apartments or houses, can be a lucrative option due to a consistent student housing demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, now is an excellent time to invest in Kent. House prices and rents have increased over the past several years, indicating strong demand and growth potential. Interest rates also remain low, making mortgages affordable.

Kent’s proximity to London and its appeal as a commuter hub make it an ideal location for property investment. For investors seeking capital appreciation and rental income, the county of Kent presents an attractive opportunity with room for prices to rise further.

Investing in Kent property can certainly be a valuable proposition due to the following factors:

  • Strategic location
  • Strong rental market
  • Diverse property options
  • Infrastructure developments
  • Rising property values

However, as with any investment, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and seek advice from your property investment manager.

Yes, Kent presents some promising investment opportunities, such as the bustling Ashford property market. This town is a popular place to buy or rent, particularly for those commuting to London. The town also boasts outstanding schools, adding to its appeal to families. Additionally, there are significant investments in the town’s development that could potentially enhance Ashford’s appeal and boost its property market.

For investors looking to purchase buy-to-let properties in Kent, we suggest two- or three-bedroom apartments, houses, or maisonettes. These properties are in high demand from families and professionals, so they achieve strong, stable rental yields.

Investing in new-build homes is ideal, as they tend to achieve premium rents and require little maintenance. For those focused on capital gains, apartments and new homes in up-and-coming central locations stand to see the most significant price increases over the coming years as areas gentrify and regenerate. With the right property in the right spot, investors can achieve healthy returns through rental income and resale value — contact your wealth manager for more details.

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