Portfolio reviews: Why are they important?

14 August 2023

When investing in any asset, including property, it’s always a good idea to have regular portfolio reviews, to ensure that you’re meeting your investment goals. There are three main areas many investors will explore when reviewing a property asset, which our team has outlined below:


It’s important to keep on top of the mortgage market and make sure you’re getting the best value for money. Remortgaging is a great tool to increase your monthly net cash position by reducing your outgoings.

Equity release

Utilising equity release allows you to strip out profit from the investment to expand your overall portfolio. As a result, you can create a fund for investing in additional properties to grow and diversify your current property portfolio. In today’s market many investors are using this option to take advantage of the current market conditions in areas such as Manchester and Birmingham where demand is outstripping supply, leading to higher rental yields.

Selling an asset

If you decide that a particular property is no longer required and you plan to sell it, timing can make a difference. By planning to realise some capital gains in one tax year and a different set in the following tax year, you could make use of two sets of annual exempt amounts and reduce your Capital Gains Tax liability.

Tax-efficient wrappers such as disposal relief, deferral relief, and reinvestment relief, are a good think to look at to reduce your Capital Gains Tax bill. If you’re unsure which approach to take, get in touch with your wealth manager to discuss further.


Considerations for your portfolio review: 

Reviewing your portfolio regularly is crucial practice for maintaining financial health and making informed decisions about your investments. Here are some key reasons why reviewing your portfolio is important:

Performance assessment: Regular portfolio reviews allow you to assess how your investments are performing. You can compare your actual returns to your expected returns and make adjustments if your investments are not meeting your goals.

Rebalancing: Over time, the value of your different investments can shift, causing your portfolio to become unbalanced. Some assets may outperform others, leading to an allocation that doesn’t match your original strategy. Periodic reviews give you the opportunity to rebalance your portfolio by selling overperforming assets and buying ones that are currently underperforming, maintaining your desired asset allocation.

Tax efficiency: Some investment decisions can have tax implications. Reviewing your portfolio allows you to consider strategies that optimise your investments from a tax perspective.

Market changes: As economic and market conditions change, regular reviews of your portfolio are important so you can check that you’re still meeting your investment goals, and you’re able to take advantage of emerging opportunities as they happen.

Cost management: Investment fees and expenses can impact your returns over time. Reviewing your portfolio allows you to assess whether you’re paying reasonable fees and whether any changes need to be made to reduce costs.

New opportunities: As you stay informed about market trends and investment options, you may come across new property investment opportunities that align with your strategy. Regular reviews help you to incorporate these opportunities if they fit your objectives.

Life events: Significant life events such as marriage, childbirth, career changes or retirement can impact your financial needs and goals. Regular portfolio reviews ensure that your investment strategy adapts to these changes.

Learning and knowledge: Reviewing your portfolio regularly encourages you to stay engaged with your investments and the financial markets. This ongoing learning process can empower you to strengthen your investment strategy.


We’re here to help.

It’s recommended to set a schedule for portfolio reviews, whether it’s quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on your preferences and the complexity of your investments. If you need a UK property investment specialist to navigate the best market investment opportunities, contact your advisor today to find out more about investing in UK property.



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