The Best Buy-to-Let Areas in Liverpool: Top 7 Picks for 2024

Best Buy-to-Let Areas in Liverpool Blog Featured Image

Liverpool boasts an average rental yield of over 6.1%; investors looking to diversify their property portfolio should consider the lucrative buy-to-let market in this city. Liverpool is a city undergoing rapid regeneration and experiencing a renaissance as an economic and cultural hub in the UK. For both savvy and new investors, now is the ideal […]

10 Best Places to Buy Airbnb Property in the UK: 2024 Guide

Best Places to Buy Airbnb Property in the UK Featured Image

Investors looking to capitalise on the continued growth and popularity of short-term rentals in the UK should focus on identifying up-and-coming locations poised for strong price appreciation and high occupancy rates. The property investment experts at API Global have analysed market data and identified the 10 best places to buy Airbnb property in the UK […]

Are New Builds Worth It? (The Complete 2024 Investor Guide)

Are New Builds Worth It Blog-Featured Image

Any investor searching for the next profitable property market may wonder: are new builds worth it? Newly constructed homes offer appealing benefits like minimal maintenance, energy efficiency, and modern designs. However, certain downsides, like higher upfront costs, may discourage investors. Join us as we evaluate the pros and cons of new builds in some of […]

How to Build a Property Portfolio With £100K in 7 Easy Steps

How to Build a Property Portfolio With 100K in 7 Easy Steps Blog Featured Image

For new investors, building a profitable property portfolio may seem like an impossible goal. Nonetheless, with the right strategy and mindset, investors can build wealth through real estate — even with a modest amount of starting capital. This guide will explain how to build a property portfolio with £100K. 7 Steps to Building a Property […]

10 Best Places to Live in Birmingham: 2024 Investor Guide

Best Places to Live in Birmingham Blog Featured Image

Birmingham, England’s second-largest city, is an increasingly attractive destination for those looking for a conducive environment to live in and for property investors seeking strong capital growth opportunities. With a population of over 1 million people and a fast-growing economy, Birmingham offers investors residential property hotspots poised for substantial price appreciation in the coming years. […]

What Is an Investment Property? (2024 Investor Guide)

what is an investment property

Investing in property can be an exciting venture, especially when investing overseas. However, before getting into property investment, it’s important to understand exactly what constitutes an investment property and how it differs from a standard residential home. This comprehensive guide explains what an investment property is, the various types, and the factors to consider before […]

Complete 5-Step Guide to Making Money From Property in 2024

making money from property

Property investment, predominantly residential buy-to-let options, offers an appealing means of generating passive income through capital growth and monthly cash flow. However, finding the optimal properties and locations requires in-depth knowledge of the market and an understanding of current trends. This guide provides a comprehensive 5-step guide on making money from property, focusing on residential […]

Is a House an Investment in 2024? (The Ultimate Guide)

is a house an investment

As an investor seeking new opportunities, you may wonder if buying a house is a good investment. For many, a home is simply a place to live, but real estate can generate substantial financial returns with the proper approach. This guide walks you through what you must know about buying a house as an investment. […]

The Best Places to Invest in Property in the World in 2024

Best Places to Invest in Property in the World

Investors focused on diversifying their portfolios are always on the lookout for the best place to invest in property in the world. There are many factors to consider when searching for an area poised for strong capital appreciation and high rental yields — desirable features include a location with a growing and diversified economy, improving […]

The Best Places to Invest in Property in the UK: 2023 Guide

Best places to invest in property in the UK

As an investor looking for the best places to invest in property in the UK, you want to ensure your money is positioned for solid returns. Finding suitable locations to invest in real estate can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with local markets and growth areas. However, by tapping into the knowledge of industry experts, […]

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